Monday Close Up

Been quite a while since I have participated in the macro photo meme.  I look forward to seeing all the beauty on the Monday meme.

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Just a few captures while sitting on my patio.

May each visitor enjoy visiting this little piece of my life.

Macro Shots

Its is another Monday.  Staying inside today as there are heavy rains and bad weather.  Sharing a few snaps between rain showers.







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Thanks to Gemma & Magical Mystical Teacher
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Just Thought I Was Back

The past several weeks there have been a myriad of things going on around the new homestead/apartment.  Weddings, funerals, visitors, costumes and forts to be made.  Then a camping trip to a nearby lake.  Became drenched during the visit to the park and promptly came down with chest cold.  Was much improved until I had to run errands yesterday in the near freezing weather.  Now the cough is back.  Not complaining, just stating the facts, ma’am.

With tissues, cough syrup and hot cocoa nearby I’ll attempt to share a couple of critters, some skies, a bird or two and finish with some fences.  Sorry I have not been keeping up with dropping by all the great posts out in the blogosphere.  I am certain a lot of beauty has been missed.

For Saturday’s Critters I give you this critter found outside the cabin.


Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro


For Stewart and the Wild Bird Wednesday folks a couple of shots of some feathered friends we made.

Another couple at Inks Lake, TX.  They appear to reside in the area.

Another couple at Inks Lake, TX. They appear to reside in the area.

Geese landing on Inks Lake, Texas

Geese landing on Inks Lake, Texas.  You will have to look closely.

For Good Fences here is this nice wooden one.

Fence along path, Inks Lake, TX

Fence along path, Inks Lake, TX

Thursday Photo Challenge for this week is “Architecture:  Buildings inside and out of all kinds”.

Inside of Inks Lake cabin

Inside of Inks Lake cabin, simple and functional.

Sky Watch Friday fans may enjoy this photo of the Inks Lake’s deep swimming hole and the sky above.

Near Devil's Hole at Inks Lake, TX

Near Devil’s Hole at Inks Lake, TX

Hope all have a pleasant week!  Thanks for dropping by for a look around.


Monday Musings

Silence fills the room as we await a call to join our son and grandsons for a belated birthday celebration for Middle Grandson.  Ten years old.  As I wait I catch up on some blogs and look at the new postings on I Heart Macro 65.  Laura’s poetry/prayer for peace is so relevant for this time.  And there are beautiful photos to enjoy by many other folks who have linked with the macro photography meme.  Magical Mystical Teacher of Macro Monday 2 has a series of thought provoking haiku.


Bug feeding on a sunflower stalk has little effect on the problem of the world.


Bubbling water in a fountain brings a feeling of peace for those that listen.


A rock reaches back to Creation’s beginning.  Touch it and you have touched the hand of God.

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Thanks to Gemma & Magical Mystical Teacher
for hosting Macro Monday 2
Thanks to Laura for hosting i heart macro
Shine the Divine

Critters Up Close

Time for some critters this week.  And some of them are up close.  So I will be joining three  memes with these photos:

For Saturday’s Critters I give you Bosco, my sister’s ‘beloved dog’.  Once bitten by a copperhead he survived with the help of a great vet and the deep pockets of his human dad.



Haven’t a clue as to the genus of this creature.  I am naming it bug on blossom!  Addendum:  it is an assassin bug, good bug, bad bite!



A less than perfectly focused but this is really about having fun and learning shot.



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Saturday's Critters

Shine the Divine

Sunday on the Patio

Sunday morning time was spent in the little garden area around our apartment patio.  Here are a few of the captures from this time spent working with the new camera using two different 39-year-old lenses from our first SLR camera.  Not much automation for these.  Hope you can enjoy this little bit of beauty I saw this morning.

Gossamer winged dragonfly viewed through our patio fence.


 Some nice grasses.


 Rose bushes and trumpet vines in bloom.


 There is a fence gate, just out of focus as the flowers were getting my attention.


 A white winged dove with a damaged foot/claw.  It limps around our place.  Wish I could help it.


Holding the foot/claw as it perches.


Another Google Awesome animation shows the limp.


At last my husband came to join me and brought press pot coffee!


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Good Fences


Softly Falling


Light falls softly on the new blooms in the shade.  Blossoms on a Shamrock given to me several years ago by a dear friend.


The plant sits in a basket another cherished  friend brought to me. Memories fall softly on my heart as I think of my friends back in Missouri.


Lives entwined softly falling through time.

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Red Dragons!


Life is good when one can live in a wildflower preserve such as the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, TX.   Even better to be a human allowed to visit and photograph the beauty within.  These photos are from four years ago during a visit.  Now we live within a short drive of this lovely place.  May have to pay a visit soon.

Join others that like viewing through a macro lens the world surrounding us.  Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro will not disappoint.
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