Monday Close Up

Been quite a while since I have participated in the macro photo meme.  I look forward to seeing all the beauty on the Monday meme.

Thanks to Gemma & Magical Mystical Teacher
for hosting Macro Monday 2

Just a few captures while sitting on my patio.

May each visitor enjoy visiting this little piece of my life.


Found this little being in the folds of the umbrella on our patio.  It was willing to ride the umbrella as I raised it.  Then I decided it would be good for a picture for today’s close-ups.  Never did get it to say cheese and smile though I did try.  For lots more closeup magic visit Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro week 57.


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Shine the Divine

Bright Colors

This week’s photo Thursday Challenge from Dale at is Bright (Things that are brightly colored).  At this point in my life I live a pastel life, surrounded by pastel things.  I took one of the pastel objects and played with Adobe Photoshop to make this abstract design.  I have included some of the steps from the original photo to the finished photo.  It was fun and I learned more techniques for editing images.  Thanks, Dale, for the challenge and the opportunity to learn something new.

For more brightly colored lives, please, click here go to Thursday Challenge.  I appreciate your dropping by to check out my bit of color.  Have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day for all you dads.





Original shot