Migrations and Skies

I am so very new to all things birds.  I did not know that hawks migrated till recently.  Sitting on the patio I looked up to see streams of larger birds swirling southward.  They were almost out of camera shot by the time I came back outside.  One should always be wearing a camera.  Well, no really good closeups but still.  It was an amazing sight, just would that these were clearer to share with all you folks.  Today’s skies were too rain filled, four inches in only a couple of hours, to attempt to shoot photos.





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Plants and Fences

“PLANTS” (Indoor, Outdoor, Garden, Vines, Trees,…)
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I am submitting a photo from this summer in Montreal.

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Thursday Challenge – 10-15-2015

A few of the orange sights on our July visit to Wisconsin and Canada.IMGP7704Lily by Lake Michigan.

IMGP7829Farmers Market, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

IMGP7853 IMGP8729

Construction cones in Green Bay, WI and Quebec, Ontario, Canada


Burnt orange photo bomb in Ottawa.


More construction cones.


Even though we did not speak French, we figured out not to turn down this lane in Montreal!

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Wild Bird Wednesday 168

Finally back in a bit of a routine after a very busy summer.  As I was processing some of the photos (over 2000) from our Canadian road trip I found these I had forgotten.  They are not terribly clear so apologizes for that.  The photos were taken along the road leading to Dyer’s Bay, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.  I believe these to be a pair of Sandhill Cranes.

IMGP9278 IMGP9279 IMGP9280 IMGP9271 IMGP9272 IMGP9273 IMGP9274 IMGP9275 IMGP9276 IMGP9277

Saturday October 10, 2015

Critters abound this time of year.  A slight change in temperatures form the 100’s + days to some mid to upper 80’s must have critters thinking fall.  Seems strange to not see squirrels scampering around the trees but I suspect the traffic has thinned the population.

Warblers are back visiting the little patio.  They like to play hide and seek with my camera  : /





A dragonfly was posing on a branch during a recent duck pond visit.



Here is a cute little human critter feeding the ducks.  Just loved how happy this little child was to be close to the ducks.


One more baby duck picture.


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