Saturday’s Critters #80

If you want to see some cute critters or if you have some photos you wish to share, click here.

These critters were spotted in the San Diego – La Jolla Underwater Park on March 24, 2015.

Brown Pelicans in winter plumage:




Human critters admiring a couple of sea lions basking in the California sun.


A pigeon flying around.  I just discovered that pigeons were once used by The U.S. Coast Guard for Search and Rescue missions.  Another wrinkle on the brain.


Y’all all (that is Texas plural for everyone) have a great week.  And Happy Fourth to the folks in the USA.   Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

 Saturday's Critters
Also, more birds can be seen at HootinAnni’s

Good Fences – #66

Most of my time outside these four walls is spent at sporting events watching grandchildren.  Or looking at the recent rains through the patio fence.  That is all I have for Good Fences this week.  But really great fences can be seen here.


This girl’s team won State.


This guy plays soccer and drums but not at the same time ; )


This is rain dripping off the fence.

Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa, over at the Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

Good Fences – June 18, 2015

It is time again for running the fences.  Not really running as that would imply we needed to be ready to repair them.  How about we just enjoy the photos of fences across the world.  Click here to visit them all.

These photos are from 2013 visit to Disney World and the Gulf Coast of the USA.





This is on the coast fencing off a leftover from hurricane Katrina’s destruction..


We peeked through an open gate into this yard in the Garden District of New Orleans.


Woldenberg Park, an area near Jackson Square along the Mississippi River, NOLA.


Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,  over at the Run*A*Round Ranch Report.

Thursday Photo Challenge – 6-18-15

“LINES” (Linear Marks, Strips, Railroad Lines, Telephone/Electrical Lines, Line ups,…)
roseThursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously; Then submit your single permanent link here:
Thanks to host Dale of spunwithtears