Sky and Critters

This meme thing is addictive.   Between haiku, birds, skies, fences, spin challenges, photo challenges and critters I must begin combining or I will never do anything else. Hubby is giving those I need a Jeep trip vibes pretty heavy these days.  In an effort to keep my marriage on an even keel I will combine Skywatch Friday and Saturday Critters.

The skies have gone from overcast to light showers to clear and back to partly cloudy today.  This is good as the temps have stayed in the high 80’s instead of triple digits.


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 I had been noticing movement on the patio that made me suspicious.  I saw this clump of fur among the trumpet vines.


 Then I definitely saw what I did not want on my patio.  Where is that hawk when I need it!


It climbed onto the bird feeder pole and attempted to get to the food.  I am certain it could have gotten some of it but gave up for some reason.  But now the thing is just taunting me.


 I do not want this to keep coming around this area.  Any suggestions?

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters


Thursday’s Good Fences

These shots were taken in 2013 during the Natchez, MS, Spring Pilgrimage Home tours.   Much more than a gift shop, Rosalie Mansion is located on a hill overlooking the Mississippi.  Today I share the lovely fence surrounding this grand Lady on the Bluff.






And hubby would not even let me go in to have a look around the gift shop.  Guess he knew our budget was nearing its limit for the trip.  ; D


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Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday has so many folks the are true birders.  Make sure you grab the connection below to see all the wonderful birds.

My submission is an update on our friend, Skip.  Skip showed up and has sort of made our patio its property.  Skip is doing much better with the left foot.  The black spot is gone and only a slight limp remains.  It was looking good then it showed up yesterday looking like this.


Sometimes a handsome bird just cannot catch a break!

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Wild Bird Wednesday

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“I Really Want it Right Now” (A Great Big World)

Longwood, aka Nutt’s Folley, was started in 1859.  Dr. Haller Nutt, a cotton baron,  wanted something so badly, a home unlike others.  With the declaration of Civil War in 1861, worked ceased immediately.   Craftsman from the north simply put down tools and walked away.  In 1864 Dr. Nutt died leaving the unfinished house to his widow.  The basement had nine completed rooms so that is where the remaining family members lived out their days.

I really want it
I really want it
I really want it right now
I really want it right now


“So tell me what are we livin’ for
I say we chuck inhibitions
And sell our souls to rock n’ roll
I need to know what I’m missin'”


“I’m feeling the world go round
It’s spinning me upside down
I’m finally homeward bound”


“I’m not giving up
It’s crawling under my skin
And I don’t care if I sin”


The more we love, the more we learn
The more we love, the more we burn

After having seen a history channel story about Longwood I wanted to see it.  In 2013 on a return trip from meeting our grandsons at Disney World, we spent the night in Natchez, MS.  As luck would have it the Pilgrimage Home Tour was being held.  Good for seeing beautiful homes, bad for finding a hotel room.  Guess the more we love, the more we learn.  Nah-oooh!

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Saturday Critters

Saturday Critters is a fun place to visit to see critters from all over the world.  These are a couple of critters and one of their humans we recently saw while walking.


 Almost did not see this creature.


 Lots of dogs walk humans in these apartments.

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters


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Thursday Photo Challenge – Yellow

Thursday Photo Challenge is a site for fun and learning!  I am still working to learn the manual settings and lens combinations for the new camera.  Can we say slow learner or old dog learning new tricks!  Since these are both yellow and close ups I will be sharing with 3 memes.



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