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I am submitting a photo from this summer in Montreal.

Good Fences #84 Hosted by TexWisGirl


Hope your weekends are all treats and no tricks!

Good Fences #75 – August 27, 2015

It has been a while since sharing with this meme.  That is in large part due a month long road trip.  Five of the days were spent in the home state of our host, TexWisGirl.  We did Wisconsin.  We at cheese in all sorts of forms including delicious fried curds in a pub across from the capitol building in Madison.  We sampled all sorts of beer.  I put my feet in Lake Michigan.  We visited Door County.  We even drove by The Green Bay Packer Stadium though we are Dallas Cowboy fans.  We fell in love with this beautiful state.

Here are just a few of the fences and scenes from the wonderful state of Wisconsin…. which my husband would not always stop so I could photograph.  Please, excuse blur and splattered bugs!

IMGP6951Cattle on a hill and a bug splatter!

IMGP6960Beautiful, rolling countryside and farms.

IMGP6971More than just cattle in the farmyards!

IMGP6975And a lovely home in one of the small towns we passed through too quickly.

IMGP7032My sweetie did turn around so I could get this shot!

IMGP7031Small park in Durand, WI, along the Lower Chippewa River.

IMGP6994More beautiful farms and crops along Highway 10.

IMGP7007Many places to purchase cheese.

IMGP7026Behind this fence are cranberry marshes along Highway 80 heading for a night in Mauston, WI.

IMGP7036There are local FFA groups studying cranberry science.  They offer tours of the cranberry marshes.

IMGP7037And that is the end of day one.  We had fresh, squeaky curds as well as locally made jerky and sausage sticks for tomorrows travels!  Next up will be the area around the Wisconsin Dells.

Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,

©  Janice ‘petra domina’ Adcock

Good Fences #52

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This week I am sharing some fences from our trip to the Northeast USA ten years ago.  These were taken in Lancaster County, such a beautiful farming area.  Hope you enjoy.  Have a great weekend.  Will see you all in a couple of weeks with more fences.  Heading out west for a little vacation and family gathering.  Blessings to all.




Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,

Good Fences # 50 and TBT

Ran across this photo as I was working on the scan project.  Thought it was a fun Texas fence from the early 1950’s.  This little riding area was next to Wallace Vaughn’s “filling station” north of McKinney, TX, on US 75, that’s Hwy. 5 these days.  I am riding barefoot in a dress ’cause that’s how it was done way back when I was a kid.  Granny lived across the highway from this place and these were my friends when I visited Granny.  It is, also, the store she sent me to buy her Garrett’s white label snuff.  Good times!

To see some wonderful fences make sure you click here to visit The Run “A” Round Ranch’s ‘Good Fences’ every Thursday.


Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,

Good Fences #47

I have been seeing some great fence pictures over at The Furry Gnome’s Seasons in the Valley. Fences are everywhere and I never have my camera.  Here are a few from my stash.


Cadallic Mountain, Acadia National Park, USA


Christmas, 2009, Missouri


Along I – 29 following a snow storm, 2007


Missouri spring farm scenes.


Near the Canadian and US border, 2008.


Riverwalk, San Antonio, TX

 Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,


Just Thought I Was Back

The past several weeks there have been a myriad of things going on around the new homestead/apartment.  Weddings, funerals, visitors, costumes and forts to be made.  Then a camping trip to a nearby lake.  Became drenched during the visit to the park and promptly came down with chest cold.  Was much improved until I had to run errands yesterday in the near freezing weather.  Now the cough is back.  Not complaining, just stating the facts, ma’am.

With tissues, cough syrup and hot cocoa nearby I’ll attempt to share a couple of critters, some skies, a bird or two and finish with some fences.  Sorry I have not been keeping up with dropping by all the great posts out in the blogosphere.  I am certain a lot of beauty has been missed.

For Saturday’s Critters I give you this critter found outside the cabin.


Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro


For Stewart and the Wild Bird Wednesday folks a couple of shots of some feathered friends we made.

Another couple at Inks Lake, TX.  They appear to reside in the area.

Another couple at Inks Lake, TX. They appear to reside in the area.

Geese landing on Inks Lake, Texas

Geese landing on Inks Lake, Texas.  You will have to look closely.

For Good Fences here is this nice wooden one.

Fence along path, Inks Lake, TX

Fence along path, Inks Lake, TX

Thursday Photo Challenge for this week is “Architecture:  Buildings inside and out of all kinds”.

Inside of Inks Lake cabin

Inside of Inks Lake cabin, simple and functional.

Sky Watch Friday fans may enjoy this photo of the Inks Lake’s deep swimming hole and the sky above.

Near Devil's Hole at Inks Lake, TX

Near Devil’s Hole at Inks Lake, TX

Hope all have a pleasant week!  Thanks for dropping by for a look around.