Good Fences #36

Wishing all the folks in the US a safe Thanksgiving.


Hill country entry way

Hill country entry way

2010 snow on our fence.

2010 snow on our fence in Missouri, not in November though.

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Just Thought I Was Back

The past several weeks there have been a myriad of things going on around the new homestead/apartment.  Weddings, funerals, visitors, costumes and forts to be made.  Then a camping trip to a nearby lake.  Became drenched during the visit to the park and promptly came down with chest cold.  Was much improved until I had to run errands yesterday in the near freezing weather.  Now the cough is back.  Not complaining, just stating the facts, ma’am.

With tissues, cough syrup and hot cocoa nearby I’ll attempt to share a couple of critters, some skies, a bird or two and finish with some fences.  Sorry I have not been keeping up with dropping by all the great posts out in the blogosphere.  I am certain a lot of beauty has been missed.

For Saturday’s Critters I give you this critter found outside the cabin.


Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro


For Stewart and the Wild Bird Wednesday folks a couple of shots of some feathered friends we made.

Another couple at Inks Lake, TX.  They appear to reside in the area.

Another couple at Inks Lake, TX. They appear to reside in the area.

Geese landing on Inks Lake, Texas

Geese landing on Inks Lake, Texas.  You will have to look closely.

For Good Fences here is this nice wooden one.

Fence along path, Inks Lake, TX

Fence along path, Inks Lake, TX

Thursday Photo Challenge for this week is “Architecture:  Buildings inside and out of all kinds”.

Inside of Inks Lake cabin

Inside of Inks Lake cabin, simple and functional.

Sky Watch Friday fans may enjoy this photo of the Inks Lake’s deep swimming hole and the sky above.

Near Devil's Hole at Inks Lake, TX

Near Devil’s Hole at Inks Lake, TX

Hope all have a pleasant week!  Thanks for dropping by for a look around.

Wild Bird Wednesday 121

On Halloween morning our son stopped by to be helped with his costume that I had put together for him.


Including in WBW as I have a nice turkey waddle


Yes, that is a bloody neck.

Once he left for his day of ‘business’, I sat down for a cup of java.  Outside I noticed movement in the sky.  The hawk is back!


Not great focus but I loved the light on it!

 Better focus.IMGP3363141031 IMGP3364141031 IMGP3365141031 IMGP3366141031 IMGP3361141031 IMGP3362141031

Then, I am certain it was just for Halloween, a buzzard/turkey vulture joined in the fun.  This dude/dudette was huge.


Going camping for a few days.  Hope to get some new bird photos to share.  Best wishes for a great week everyone.  Make sure you stop by:

Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.