Good Fences #62

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This week I am showing you the rest of the fence that was only a blur last week.  thought I would add the bird just for good measure.  Wishing all a safe and pleasant weekend.

IMGP5891150519 IMGP5980150520

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Wild Bird Wednesday 148 – 5-27-2015

Stewart M is our host for Wild Bird Wednesday.  He is such a cheery fellow that lives in Australia.  Please, click here to see all the beautiful birds for all over this wonderful world.

Here are a few of the birds we observed while sitting on our son’s patio.  It over looks a small retention pond.  The cloudy conditions and intermittent rain made the camerawork a little beyond my skills.

I liked the lines of this swallow in flight.

A redwing black bird was attempting to be king of the hill.


A Northern Mockingbird doing a little bug hunting.


Now I need some help with these two.  I am stumped.

This bird is about the size of a sparrow.


The following two are the second bird in two different views.  This bird was as large as the mockingbird in length.  Apologies for the poor quality.



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“SPRING” (Fresh Leaves, Baby Animals, Warm Weather,…
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Puppy barking at a bunch of vicious pots!

While grandpuppy sitting this little beauty I noticed quintessential spring activities on a nearby lavender plant.  What says spring more than that.


And there is some fence in the background so will link to Thursday Good Fences.


And overhead were the glorious clouds bringing the much needed rains to drought stricken areas of Texas and Oklahoma.  So here is the post for Skywatch Friday, May 22.


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Saturday’s Critters #75

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Saturday's Critters

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Wild Bird Wednesday 146

Having to dig back into archives for this weeks contribution.  It was two years ago this beauty showed outside our window.  Such a surprise after 20 years to see this Oriole posing just outside.IMG_1481

IMG_1489IMG_1493cFind some really great photos over at:

Wild Bird Wednesday 146

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And It’s Monday, Again


Yesterday was a fine day for this mom.  Our son treated us to brunch and a play.  The play was a children’s theater group putting on ‘Legally Blonde”.  Our grandson played Warner Hunnington III. Our grandson is nine so this was great fun for this grandma!  In addition, the two older brothers presented me with a soccer charm for my bracelet.  I wore a silly Mom/Grandma grin all day!  And it lingers still this morning.

When do freckles not make one smile? ; )  Especially with Dorito’s dust, an after race winning smile, and doing a great drum performance smile!

IMGP5240150402 IMGP5351150402 IMGP5754150503


 For more beautiful photos of our world of closeups visit these two blogs!

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Shine the Divine

Spring Beauty

Had the opportunity to spend a few days in the country near the Brazos River.  Hope you can enjoy this small collection of the quite beauty of the area.

I heard a ruckus outside and found this beautiful sight, a sky full of geese angles.


Canada geese


Following morning fog in the morning sun.


Sister’s favorite kitty keeping birds from drowning?


 The above picture was in the morning and the following was later in the day.  Can you see the fences now that the fog is gone.


This was just the shape of the dead limb gradually being covered by Virginia creeper.


 And the skies were just such a beautiful color!


Possibly a female cardinal.

 It surprised me that this wren had already had a family to feed.


wren working hard to feed babies

 There were several cardinal couples in the area.


beautiful cardinal

 Drum roll, please.  This is my first painted bunting!!!


Please, visit all the fine folks at the following gun blogging groups.  I promise you will see amazing photos from across the world.  Peace and Blessings for the weekend!

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