Wild Bird Wednesday 148 – 5-27-2015

Stewart M is our host for Wild Bird Wednesday.  He is such a cheery fellow that lives in Australia.  Please, click here to see all the beautiful birds for all over this wonderful world.

Here are a few of the birds we observed while sitting on our son’s patio.  It over looks a small retention pond.  The cloudy conditions and intermittent rain made the camerawork a little beyond my skills.

I liked the lines of this swallow in flight.

A redwing black bird was attempting to be king of the hill.


A Northern Mockingbird doing a little bug hunting.


Now I need some help with these two.  I am stumped.

This bird is about the size of a sparrow.


The following two are the second bird in two different views.  This bird was as large as the mockingbird in length.  Apologies for the poor quality.



Thanks for the visits and happy birding.


15 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 148 – 5-27-2015

  1. Love the R-W Blackbird! Nice shot of the swallow in flight. I’ve never been able to catch one on the move. The first bird in question looks like a mockingbird, to me. Could it be a juvenile? I’m not familiar with the second, will be interesting to see who it turns out to be.

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