And It’s Monday, Again


Yesterday was a fine day for this mom.  Our son treated us to brunch and a play.  The play was a children’s theater group putting on ‘Legally Blonde”.  Our grandson played Warner Hunnington III. Our grandson is nine so this was great fun for this grandma!  In addition, the two older brothers presented me with a soccer charm for my bracelet.  I wore a silly Mom/Grandma grin all day!  And it lingers still this morning.

When do freckles not make one smile? ; )  Especially with Dorito’s dust, an after race winning smile, and doing a great drum performance smile!

IMGP5240150402 IMGP5351150402 IMGP5754150503


 For more beautiful photos of our world of closeups visit these two blogs!

Thanks to Gemma & Magical Mystical Teacher
for hosting Macro Monday 2

Thanks to Laura for hosting i heart macro
Shine the Divine

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