Call Me Cheap

Folks that follow this blog probably wonder what happened.  Where did the fences, birds and skies go?  How about all the closeups?  It is simple.  The free space is all gone on this site.  I am too cheap to pay for blogging.

Two other WordPress photo sites have been started to use for photos.  birdbrain2015 will cover more of the general photos for the photo memes.  Sights at 60 covers our travels around North America.  A third site on Google’s blogger, I Got Nothing, is for haiku and other writing.

Thanks for stopping by to see what’s happening.  Hope you will connect to the two new sites.


Janice A.

Monday Up Close

Thought I would share a few more photos from our summer trip.  These were taken in a small roadside area that is maintained by individuals it appeared.  The park was near Door County, Wisconsin.  Hope this brings some sunshine to another Monday.

IMGP7648 IMGP7718 IMGP7700 IMGP7680 IMGP7656 IMGP7649

Thanks to Gemma & Magical Mystical Teacher
for hosting Macro Monday 2

Good Fences #85

2015 has been a year of trips both long and short.  Thought I would share a few fences from a September trip to Missouri and Oklahoma.  These particular scenes are from south of Lawton, Oklahoma in a rich soil farming and ranching area.

IMGP0442 IMGP0441  IMGP0430

The sight of the truck stirring up a cloud of dust took me back to the country roads of my youth.


Be sure to take time to drop on over to the Run ‘A” Round Ranch Report for this week’s fences.

Thursday Challenge, 11-5-2015 Treats

“TREATS” (Candy, Chocolate Bar, Cake, Pie, Ice Cream, Comfort Food,…)
roseThursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously; Then submit your single permanent link here
There is sure to be some delights to behold from the contributors for this weeks challenge.  For some yummy photos pop over (get it) and sample a few by clicking here.
  IMGP4852150326 IMGP4851150326IMGP4849150326