Watch The Birdie!

No exotic or exciting birds today, just the latest visitors to our little feeder and grassy area.


Do not even think about a trick!




There are the treats!


Not my best side, lady. 😡


Is my crown on straight?


Some costume!

May you have a great week and not have too many tricks on All Hallows Eve!

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Back from Break

Well, that was refreshing to take some time off from all the blogs.   I am still working on some projects for two grandsons and now my adult son!  Seems he wants Mom to make him a Halloween costume!  For Thursday posts I will be adding this photo of home and fence.


 Thursday Challenge

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Thanks to Skywatch Friday hosts

For skies around the world I am sharing last evenings sun peeking through the trees and clouds.  Maybe next eclipse I will have a proper sun filter!



Yellow Stranger

The little patio attracts its share of birds to entertain us.  The past couple of weeks we have been visited by a couple of different yellow birds.  One is the size of a house wren and a pastel yellow.  My best guess is a female yellow warbler.  See if you experts agree.  I am having to make the shots through the glass door so apologies for the less than perfect shots.

IMGP2904140924 IMGP2913140925

The second is only slightly larger but still not the size of a goldfinch.

IMGP2910140925 IMGP2909140925 IMGP2911140925

Maybe just a slightly older warbler.  But I am certainly not prepared to declare what it is..

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Wild Bird Wednesday

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