Yellow Stranger

The little patio attracts its share of birds to entertain us.  The past couple of weeks we have been visited by a couple of different yellow birds.  One is the size of a house wren and a pastel yellow.  My best guess is a female yellow warbler.  See if you experts agree.  I am having to make the shots through the glass door so apologies for the less than perfect shots.

IMGP2904140924 IMGP2913140925

The second is only slightly larger but still not the size of a goldfinch.

IMGP2910140925 IMGP2909140925 IMGP2911140925

Maybe just a slightly older warbler.  But I am certainly not prepared to declare what it is..

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Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.

22 thoughts on “Yellow Stranger

  1. As far as I can distinguish, this may be a Wilson’s Warbler or a Tennessee Warbler….in the Fall, these warblers do change a bit in color patterns, after breeding. But the pink legs and feet make me think it’s either of the two I mentioned. Not sure tho. GREAT photos none the less. To have them so nearby like that is super.


    • Anni, there were about 6 at one time on our tiny patio. They seem to enjoy bathing in a saucer for our rosemary plant! I have several more photos to download and see if I have better shots. Thanks for the information.


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