Last week’s post for Macro Monday 2 were spring 2010 buds of a flowering bush in my back yard.  This week’s contribution is the same cluster after it opened.


I had some fun with this picture for a thank you card  for a group of friends.


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Storm Front

The day started sunny and muggy here in central Texas.  By mid afternoon a sizable little storm blew into the area.  The cool front meeting the moist gulf air has created a drive time mess.  Rain on streets that have not had enough rain to get the grime off creating a slick situation.  Hail stones are falling east of us some the size of golf balls.  The good news is the temperture has dropped about 10 degrees in just a few minutes.

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Sky Watch Friday

Thursday Challenge — LARGE


A view of Lake Louise and the Fairmont Chateau from Fairview Mountain, June 8, 2008.  All the canoes were heading back to cover as a spring shower was approaching.

Mt. Richardson, Mt. Catarack and Mt. Redoubt are a few of the peaks in the background.  All of the view is of the Banff National Park of Canada.

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Why Do I Want A Second Website?

It is really simple.  This connection allows me to leave comments on several sites I visit.  There are so many great blogs out in the blogosphere pretty sure there is no need for another blog.  Maybe I will use it for the photo memes.  It is just fun to have the options.

At this time my husband and I are listening to Garrison Keillor.  We love listening to his take on living in the northern United States in the winter.  It brings a smile to us just to listen to the things that come out of Keillor’s mind.  Too funny to visualize a man who has accidentally become frozen to the roof of his home.  The man was clearing the snow to the roof and lay down to rest, fell asleep and awoke frozen to the roof.  The way the story will be woven takes our imaginations into a different world.

It is Saturday afternoon.  Not all that different from every other day for newly transplanted retired folks.  In the world of retirees, though, every day is another Saturday.  So I will sit in my new apartment watching the shoppers drive by while imagining lying on a roof in a shearling jacket frozen in place.