Sky Watch Friday, TX

The most wonderful thing happened last night, a thunderstorm.  Lots of lightning, wind and some much needed rain.  Much of this state is in severe drought conditions so all moisture is welcome.  Here are my contributions from my morning walk in a rain soaked portion of Texas.  For more sky shots from around the globe click on over to Sky Watch Friday.  Thanks to hosts Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy for the opportunity to share our world sky views.





Sky Watch Friday

Storm Front

The day started sunny and muggy here in central Texas.  By mid afternoon a sizable little storm blew into the area.  The cool front meeting the moist gulf air has created a drive time mess.  Rain on streets that have not had enough rain to get the grime off creating a slick situation.  Hail stones are falling east of us some the size of golf balls.  The good news is the temperture has dropped about 10 degrees in just a few minutes.

For more interesting skies across the globe, catch a breeze and glide on over to Sky Watch Friday hosted by YogiSylviaSandy, and Joe.



Sky Watch Friday