“CLOTHES” (Fancy, Plain, Worn, Colourful, Fashionable, Old,…) is this weeks challenge on Thursday Challenge.  Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously.

My submission includes antique photos I scanned a few years ago.  One is my Granny’s wedding photo, circa 1917.  The second is a visit of Granny with her brother and sisters in McAlister, OK, circa 1956.  The last photo is one of the first photos taken with a Kodak Brownie Starlight camera I received for Christmas, 1958.  Had a lot to learn about setting up a ‘proper’ photo.  But it shows clothing (and then) some of the 1950’s.  That is Granny with my younger sister and cousin.  Hope you enjoy the look back at clothing of the last century.


c7_Chandler family (25)


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Good Fences #27

Good day to all the folks here at Good Fences.  These are a few more of the shots from our recent blue highways day trip.  Not sure what the history of the western style entrance is.  Maybe it is as simple as  it was easier to find the opening in fences.  TexWisGirl probably has the answer.  Irregardless, there certainly are a lot of variations along the route we took.

A fairly simple entrance marker.

IMGP2827140912A little bit more decorative


Then there is the identity statement gateway.


 And finally just fences!


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Wildbird Wednesday

This bird was bathing in rainwater runoff in a roadside ditch.  The photo is from 2008 in Grand Teton National Park.  The best I can figure this is a common snipe.  Sorry for the blurry image as it was taken from our Jeep stopped briefly at a stop sign.  The bird was more interested in bathing than posing, too.


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Wild Bird Wednesday

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Saturday Critters

Saturday give us the chance to show off some interesting critters from our part of the world.  Lots of folks think of my chosen critter when they think of Texas.

Post update:  Here is a link that gives some of the history of our Texas longhorn cattle.

IMGP2790140912Yes ma’am, that is a trailer full of Texas Longhorns.  You can even see the brand on the rear quarter.  BTW a second trailer full was following this trailer.

And if you have the need for a Longhorn for your next shindig, well.

IMGP2789140912Here is the number to call! Additional info update, website here.

Not much tellin’ what you can see on a Texas farm to market road.

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Saturday's Critters


Skywatch Friday

After several days of much needed rains the sun is occasionally peeking through today.  It is a mixed blessing as more rain is needed as area reservoirs are at only 35% of capacity.  Water restrictions have been in place for at least a couple of years now.  This is an area that is as prone to drought as anywhere.  Probably never should have been supporting the size population that is currently living here.  But I am not a scientist, just an observer.

Hope all the folks that are sharing with Skywatch have a great weekend.


More great pictures of our wonderful world of sky can be seen by visiting Skywatch Friday.

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Good Fences #26

On a return trip from Dallas, TX, to Round Rock, TX, we chose to not take the I 35 parking lot through Ft. Worth.  Instead we did some blue highway roads and visited a relative to boot.  Once on the farm to market roads there was quite the variety of fences available.  Here are just a few from the trip.  Apologies for the blur.  Hubby would not stop, only slow to around 60 mph!


Chuckled when I saw this fencing supply store.  Knew it would need to be included!




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Wild Bird Wednesday

Outside our little abode is a lot of open sky, as in no tall trees.  I had stepped out to see about getting a shot of some bird antics.  It appears a hawk and a group of some type of birds were synchronized flying.  Maybe it was a version of Swan Lake.  Of course, the hawk may have been pursuing a meal or the birds could have been bugging the hawk.  What ever it was was fun to watch.






 Wild Bird Wednesday

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