Thursday Challenge for this week of 2014 is “IMPORTANT” (Something important to you…).  The first thing that popped into my mind was my Mom.  She is 95 years young.  Her influence on her prodigy is unquestionable.  Mom is beginning to lose ground somewhat with her memory but still stays as up to date as possible politically.  Her hearing is almost gone even with high quality hearing aids.  Mom is the last living parent of my husband and me.   Without my  Mom none of the other parts of my family would exist.  That makes her very important.

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 Mom enjoying gifts on Valentine Day, 2014.


Abandoned, Thursday’s Challenge

Our hopes, our schemes,
Our loves, our dreams.
Our lives once lived
Mear dust it seems.


Farmhouse in Canada


Service station in Pennsylvania


Fireplace is all that remains in this Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park location.


This is my Mother’s childhood home shortly before it was torn down in the mid 1990’s.

For more Abandoned homes, building, businesses visit Thursday Challenge.  Thanks, Dale, for your continued work on this meme.


Wild Bird Wednesday

Last week during a walk around a nearby park, I accidentally intruded into the territory of a pair of nesting mockingbirds.  For about 90 ft (28 meters) I was under attack by a dive bombing and swooping mockingbird.  While I never received a ‘bomb’ there were lots of feathers against my legs and arms.  I was giggling and snapping pictures while the bird was swooping and landing in nearby trees.  Then loud chirping would announce the next fly by warning for the human intruder to “get away from my territory!”


  ImageWatching the intruder (me)

ImagePreparing for another strafing run


Again, King or Queen of the Realm


Looking back toward the ‘forbidden zone’.

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Sky Watch Friday, TX

The most wonderful thing happened last night, a thunderstorm.  Lots of lightning, wind and some much needed rain.  Much of this state is in severe drought conditions so all moisture is welcome.  Here are my contributions from my morning walk in a rain soaked portion of Texas.  For more sky shots from around the globe click on over to Sky Watch Friday.  Thanks to hosts Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy for the opportunity to share our world sky views.





Sky Watch Friday