Sunday on the Patio

Sunday morning time was spent in the little garden area around our apartment patio.  Here are a few of the captures from this time spent working with the new camera using two different 39-year-old lenses from our first SLR camera.  Not much automation for these.  Hope you can enjoy this little bit of beauty I saw this morning.

Gossamer winged dragonfly viewed through our patio fence.


 Some nice grasses.


 Rose bushes and trumpet vines in bloom.


 There is a fence gate, just out of focus as the flowers were getting my attention.


 A white winged dove with a damaged foot/claw.  It limps around our place.  Wish I could help it.


Holding the foot/claw as it perches.


Another Google Awesome animation shows the limp.


At last my husband came to join me and brought press pot coffee!


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Sky Watch Friday



Joining Sky Watch Friday with a post from Saturday, March 9, 2013.  Our skies here on Friday June 6 were partly cloudy all day long.  When Google+ sent me this Auto Awesome movie, I decided to share it cause it was fun and partly cloudy in this series, too.  I was in the passenger seat with the Canon PowerShot S100 set for step shots.  F/3.2, 1/1250 sec., ISO-80 as we crossed the Tennessee River.  We were on Hwy. 156 heading south out of South Pittsburg, TN.

For a world of skies, visit Sky Watch Friday.  Thanks to YogiSylvia and Sandy for being such great hosts for this meme.

Sky Watch Friday