Saturday October 10, 2015

Critters abound this time of year.  A slight change in temperatures form the 100’s + days to some mid to upper 80’s must have critters thinking fall.  Seems strange to not see squirrels scampering around the trees but I suspect the traffic has thinned the population.

Warblers are back visiting the little patio.  They like to play hide and seek with my camera  : /





A dragonfly was posing on a branch during a recent duck pond visit.



Here is a cute little human critter feeding the ducks.  Just loved how happy this little child was to be close to the ducks.


One more baby duck picture.


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Sunday on the Patio

Sunday morning time was spent in the little garden area around our apartment patio.  Here are a few of the captures from this time spent working with the new camera using two different 39-year-old lenses from our first SLR camera.  Not much automation for these.  Hope you can enjoy this little bit of beauty I saw this morning.

Gossamer winged dragonfly viewed through our patio fence.


 Some nice grasses.


 Rose bushes and trumpet vines in bloom.


 There is a fence gate, just out of focus as the flowers were getting my attention.


 A white winged dove with a damaged foot/claw.  It limps around our place.  Wish I could help it.


Holding the foot/claw as it perches.


Another Google Awesome animation shows the limp.


At last my husband came to join me and brought press pot coffee!


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Red Dragons!


Life is good when one can live in a wildflower preserve such as the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, TX.   Even better to be a human allowed to visit and photograph the beauty within.  These photos are from four years ago during a visit.  Now we live within a short drive of this lovely place.  May have to pay a visit soon.

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