Saturday Critters – #61

There was so much to see at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center.  This critter was a bit of a surprise!  For more great critters pop on over to Saturdays Critters.


Yes, a small alligator.


This Green Heron was sharing the waters with the alligator.


Green Heron

Are you looking at me?

Green Heron

Green Heron

And one last critter:


Red Eared Slider

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 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

 Saturday's Critters

Sky and Critters

This meme thing is addictive.   Between haiku, birds, skies, fences, spin challenges, photo challenges and critters I must begin combining or I will never do anything else. Hubby is giving those I need a Jeep trip vibes pretty heavy these days.  In an effort to keep my marriage on an even keel I will combine Skywatch Friday and Saturday Critters.

The skies have gone from overcast to light showers to clear and back to partly cloudy today.  This is good as the temps have stayed in the high 80’s instead of triple digits.


Thanks to Skywatch Friday hosts
 I had been noticing movement on the patio that made me suspicious.  I saw this clump of fur among the trumpet vines.


 Then I definitely saw what I did not want on my patio.  Where is that hawk when I need it!


It climbed onto the bird feeder pole and attempted to get to the food.  I am certain it could have gotten some of it but gave up for some reason.  But now the thing is just taunting me.


 I do not want this to keep coming around this area.  Any suggestions?

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters



Skywatch and Critters

Thursday I took my morning stroll around the newly discovered small pond.  My camera had one of the old manual lens on it.  The lens was more for closeup shots so my turtle hardly shows there on the rock.   Back home I tried for some ant shots.  Gonna get the hang of these lens yet!  Just so glad I am not having to endure the cost and time for film developing!


The little speck on the smallest rock is a turtle.


Back to our place for some closeup shots.



Oops!  What did I set wrong that time :>(


Now, that’s better & there’s the sky.


And one last critter working on another critter.

Wishing all the folks that drop by a fine weekend.  Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  I do appreciate your kind comments.  Make sure you visit Skywatch Firday and Saturday Critters for lots of beauty from around this wonderful world.


Thanks to Skywatch Friday hosts
Yogi,Sylvia and Sandy

Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters

Critters Up Close

Time for some critters this week.  And some of them are up close.  So I will be joining three  memes with these photos:

For Saturday’s Critters I give you Bosco, my sister’s ‘beloved dog’.  Once bitten by a copperhead he survived with the help of a great vet and the deep pockets of his human dad.



Haven’t a clue as to the genus of this creature.  I am naming it bug on blossom!  Addendum:  it is an assassin bug, good bug, bad bite!



A less than perfectly focused but this is really about having fun and learning shot.



You decide which is macro or critter but just be sure to click the following buttons to visit the memes.  I surely appreciate all visitors and comments.  Thanks for the stopping in!
Saturday's Critters

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