Saturday Critters

Saturday give us the chance to show off some interesting critters from our part of the world.  Lots of folks think of my chosen critter when they think of Texas.

Post update:  Here is a link that gives some of the history of our Texas longhorn cattle.

IMGP2790140912Yes ma’am, that is a trailer full of Texas Longhorns.  You can even see the brand on the rear quarter.  BTW a second trailer full was following this trailer.

And if you have the need for a Longhorn for your next shindig, well.

IMGP2789140912Here is the number to call! Additional info update, website here.

Not much tellin’ what you can see on a Texas farm to market road.

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters



28 thoughts on “Saturday Critters

  1. The Longhorn really looks stuffed in that trailer, they are so big.. I just wonder why people would want to hire Longhorns.. Great shots and critters! Thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!


  2. I never grow tired of seeing them. They’re all over the place of course, but since moving to Warda I’ve felt pretty pleased that there are some longhorns living not far from my house at all.

    Although I’ve always wished our neighbor would add a longhorn (and horses) to his herd. He has a lot of cattle, and a donkey named “Hugs,” but no longhorns as of yet.


    • When we lived in Missouri there were a few up there, too. My nephew attends University of Texas in Austin. He is in the Longhorn band. Lots of Longhorn clothing in my families’ closets! Love the donkeys, too.


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