Skywatch Friday

Last night found central Texas battered by high winds and a couple of small twisters.  The storm was full of electricity.  Having lived in a home that was struck by lightning 7 times, I was not about to chance standing at a window or doorway to get a shot of lightning.  I am submitting an shot of the view from my patio last night and this morning.  Wishing all the folks at Skywatch Friday a restful weekend.  Thanks to the hosts YogiSylvia and Sandy for the work for maintaining the meme. Image   KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Thanks, too, to all the visitors.  Your comments are appreciated!

Sky Watch Friday

18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday

  1. Wow, seven times? I wouldn’t go near a door or window, either. We presently are the recipients of a T-storm, lots of lightning. Thanks for visiting A New Day Dawns.


      • That’s not good! We had it hit nearby once, never quite sure where, but it set off our alarm and fried all our electronics. I went to the (attached) garage to check on something at the moment it hit, the power went off and the alarm was right above my head. Won’t forget that little incident. Can’t imagine as many times as you have had close encounters!


      • The hole in the wall time took out electronics, amateur radio gear, scorched carpets and knocked a chunk of subflooring loose in the middle of the house. The lightning in seeking ground ‘jumped’ into the floor heating ducts. It went all over the house. Those alarms are so scary when they go off. Did you get that ozone smell after the hit? Most of the other hits were small though one did cause a small fire as a result of a splice in a lamp cord. Surely was glad to get away from that house for that reason.


      • I’m glad you no longer live there. That’s a lot of damage–it’s a wonder people survive direct hits. I don’t remember a smell, but it’s been awhile. I vividly remember a loud “crack,” pitch blackness, and that blaring alarm. The sound of thunder made me jump for quite awhile after that.


      • The next house we owned was all underground utilities so mo not lightning strikes! Like you it took quite some time to feel comfortable during the storms.


  2. Better safe than sorry! That is a lot of lightning strikes – so much for the “lightning never strikes more than once in the same place” nonsense! Your nighttime patio shot looks like your weather had turned more serene, and… can a photo look humid??? Because your daytime shot looks humid to me. 🙂


    • Thanks for repaying the visit! And no lightning strikes for us since we moved from that home in 1993. Do not know if the next folks had the same problem or not.


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