Smell The Honeysuckle

A Friday late afternoon stroll was to the nearby area where I hoped I had seen a blue heron.  The stroll yielded some fun surprises.  First was the honeysuckle vine that is covering a small area of fence at the corner.  Honeysuckle’s sweet aroma never fails to bring to mind pleasant memories you can read about here.  This discovery seemed the universe telling me, You are where you belong at this time of life.ImageMy next surprise was the sight of someone fishing in the nearby runoff pond, the area where the possible heron lived/visited.  ImageAs I walked closer to get a better look at the fisherman, my eye was caught by the racing ants along the curb.  They were moving to fast to get a clear picture.  Guess I need to work on my photo skills! ImageAlong side the curb in the grassy area these diminutive, white flowers were growing.  Just sitting there in the evening sun no more than a couple of inches above the earth!  Naturally, I had to snap a photo of these “weeds” if there is such a thing in creation.  ImageAs I raised up from the ants and flowers I was able to see the sought after waterfowl.  There tucked in the cattails stood the blue heron. ImageIf you cannot quite see it, here is the closest capture I could get.  Again, gotta work on my camera skills or buy a digital camera that will take a telephoto lense.ImageLooking to the other side.  Think it was posing a little.  Even managed to get a redwing blackbird in the shot, too.  ImageThanks for coming along on my walk.  Your company is always appreciated and conversations welcomed.  For more closeups on Mondays visit I Heart Macro hosted by Laura Hegfield and Macro Monday 2 hosted by Gemma Wiseman.  I am, also, submitting to Wild Bird Wednesday hosted by the ever Cheers-filled Stewart in Australia.  And one last look at those sweet smelling honeysuckle blossoms.



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