Wild Bird Wednesday 139 –

The last of the birds from our December visit to South Padre.  Glad we are not there this week as spring breaks are in full swing.  That would be way too much traffic for us two seasoned individuals!


Osprey with a snack




gull in flight.


Yes, honey, it would be nice to get a little closer.


crested caracara

IMGP4183141204 IMGP4185141204 IMGP4182141204

Wild Bird Wednesday 139 – Masked Lapwing edition is great!

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Wild Bird Wednesday – 136 – Spoonbills

Still more photos from our visit to the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center.  We were pretty psyched to see these beauties!  At first there were just four.



Then in the distance there came a much larger group following this one.

spoonbill (2)

spoonbill (12)

spoonbill (14)

spoonbill (19)-MOTION

spoonbill (24)

Even though it has been almost 3 months, it is still pretty exciting to think of all the wonderful birds we saw in this very small birding center.  Can hardly wait for the next adventure!  Till then I invite you to join all the great birders over at Stewart’s.

 Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.

What’s It?

Up close to an object can sometimes be too close to recognize.  This is a close up from not so close thanks to nice lenses.  Any ideas?


Maybe a few more photos will help.


These next two will surely answer the question for you.



I am sure you figured it out so here is the last photo.


Cattails gone to seed in the waters of the South Padre Island Birding Center.

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Wild Bird Wednesday -131

More from the December visit to South Padre Island, USA.  This island is located at the very southern most tip of Texas.  We visited nearby Brownsville to allow my husband to see if he could locate a buddy from his Army days.  No luck on the buddy but we did get to go through an immigration check point that was several miles within the border.  We had not crossed to border into Mexico.  Kinda strange to be asked if we are US citizens on a highway inside the US.  Sign of the times.

I have done my best to identify the birds but, please, let me know if any are misidentified.  Still working on focus with fast moving objects.  Birds are fast moving objects.

spotted sandpiper, South Padre Island

spotted sandpiper, South Padre Island

spotted sandpiper, South Padre Island

spotted sandpiper, South Padre Island

As I am a senior citizen the term old coot is now a common description of myself.  I do think this American Coot has its own kind of simple beauty.


IMGP3874141203Avid birders will post the common moorhen.  I have not spent much time in the areas the common moorhen live so it was fun to see the antics of this breeding adult try to get the weed off of its back.

common moor hen (22)common moor hen (23)

After dunking and dunking several times the poor bird just gave up and started swimming.

common moor hen

Finally the lovely common moorhen was able to rid itself of the weed.  Well, it basically just slipped off its back.

common moor hen (3)

Nearby was a moorhen displaying non-breeding coloring according to the Silbey Field Guide.  Well, the best I can tell.

common moorhen non breeding

To close today’s visit the last birds I will share are the mottled duck and Northern Pintail .  These birds were not close and lots of movement so I apologize in advance for the quality.

mottled duck male adult

Mottled Duck, with the yellow beak and eye markings per Silbey Field guide, anyway.

Northern Pintail

Northern Pintail

And here is a group doing some preening.  You might see a reflection of some of next weeks post in this last photo of the Northern Pintail.


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