In Search of Birds

Wednesday morning we took my car in for a software update on the airbag deployment system.  The update is an all day affair.  Instead of having the dealer bring me home, Husband had followed in his Jeep Wrangler.  Once my auto was deposited at the dealership we set out to find a breakfast cafe.  The Monument Cafe near the square in Georgetown, TX, did not disappoint us.  There was even a farmers market attached to the cafe.

Once we had eaten and looked over the market, we headed out in search of a bird that was not a Mockingbird, a mourning dove or a sparrow, The Typical Three.  Even though I grew up in Texas and drew the state bird when in the 7the grade I never paid attention to how prolific the mockingbird is in the state.  They were everywhere I looked.  We drove Ranch Roads in the open air Jeep in search of picture perfect birds.  Every bird I spotted for a photograph was one of the three aforementioned groups.  For almost three hours we drove the two lane, no shoulder roads of the edge of the Texas Hill Country.

These are a few of the snaps I made along the way.

IMGP0900Typical grazing fields with barbed wire to remind the cattle of their boundaries.


IMGP0901Wildflowers along the roadside.


Llamas grazing in the shade.


At last!  Something besides the Typical Three.


A scissortailed flycatcher perched upon a powerline.


One last pose from the Tyrannus forficatus and the big, blue Texas sky.

For really terrific photographs of birds from around the world visit Wird Bird Wednesday.   Hosted Stewart Monckton.

And since the skies were so beautiful on Wednesday, I am submitting for Skywatch Friday hosted by YogiSylvia and Sandy.

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