Wild Bird Wednesday 106

Feeling the desire to post something about birds so it must be Wild Bird Wednesday hosted by our friend ‘down under’ (as we stateside folks say), Steward Monckton.  Click here to see some of the most beautiful birds from all over the world.

Visiting my Sis in the Dallas, TX, area this last week I was entertained with the visitors to her hummingbird feeder.



IMGP1111 IMGP1113 IMGP1120

Of course there was one that seemed to ‘own’ the feeder.  It would sit in a nearby tree keeping watch and swooping in to protect!


While doing an online backup Google + had some fun with the photos.  I thought it gave a little of the live action feeling of the morning birdwatching.






Hope you enjoyed today.  Thanks for any comments you have and be sure to visit again.

Submitting for Wild Bird Wednesday 106.



The gift of a new camera has given rise to a little more time on the patio.  This is a learning process for me!  These are a few shots that clicked out this morning as I was just practicing.  Hope you enjoy!

For more wild birds as shot in all their glory by accomplished photographers, fly on over to Wild Bird Wednesday.  Stewart is the host for this photo meme based on birds and birders.  And thanks for stopping by my place for a look see!