Wild Bird Wednesday 138

Another hawk caught the attention of my lens.  This was along I 37 and we just pulled on the shoulder (illegal : / ).  Maybe that explains the blurred images along with a very skittish hawk.  So the question I bring today is what kind of hawk, a juvenile red tail or an adult female Northern Harrier?  Or maybe neither.  Please let me know if you have an opinion.


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock

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Wild Bird Wednesday 121

On Halloween morning our son stopped by to be helped with his costume that I had put together for him.


Including in WBW as I have a nice turkey waddle


Yes, that is a bloody neck.

Once he left for his day of ‘business’, I sat down for a cup of java.  Outside I noticed movement in the sky.  The hawk is back!


Not great focus but I loved the light on it!

 Better focus.IMGP3363141031 IMGP3364141031 IMGP3365141031 IMGP3366141031 IMGP3361141031 IMGP3362141031

Then, I am certain it was just for Halloween, a buzzard/turkey vulture joined in the fun.  This dude/dudette was huge.


Going camping for a few days.  Hope to get some new bird photos to share.  Best wishes for a great week everyone.  Make sure you stop by:

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Wild Bird Wednesday

Outside our little abode is a lot of open sky, as in no tall trees.  I had stepped out to see about getting a shot of some bird antics.  It appears a hawk and a group of some type of birds were synchronized flying.  Maybe it was a version of Swan Lake.  Of course, the hawk may have been pursuing a meal or the birds could have been bugging the hawk.  What ever it was was fun to watch.






 Wild Bird Wednesday

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Wild bird Wednesday – 110

Lots of the same kind of birds outside on the patio.  The Sunday walk with Hubby and a camera yielded a couple of varieties that do not come to the feeder.

One really long distance (quarter of a mile my husband estimates) shot of the neighborhood hawk!


 Mourning dove near the pond.


That’s all for me.  But you true birding fans will find wonderful photos of familiar and exotic birds by visiting the folks at Wild Bird Wednesday.

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