Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday has so many folks the are true birders.  Make sure you grab the connection below to see all the wonderful birds.

My submission is an update on our friend, Skip.  Skip showed up and has sort of made our patio its property.  Skip is doing much better with the left foot.  The black spot is gone and only a slight limp remains.  It was looking good then it showed up yesterday looking like this.


Sometimes a handsome bird just cannot catch a break!

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Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.


Wild Bird Wednesday 105

Once again it is time to share photos of birds we have had to opportunity to capture “on film”.  Stewart M. is kind enough to host Wild Bird Wednesday.  You will be delighted to see all the wonderful photos of birds from across the world.

So many that contribute to this site are such great ‘birders’.  I never looked closely enough other than just to enjoy the birds to appreciate all the subtle differences.  Recently I identified a dove incorrectly.  The dove was not a mourning dove but a white winged dove!  The past few days this bird has been joining the others at the feeder.  Much more skittish than the doves, I have only been able to grab a few very unclear shots.  Studying googling Searching the internet has taught me that pigeons and doves are cousins per some sites, the same on other.  So is this bird a pigeon or dove?  One site had a similar photo and called it a Ringneck Dove – white mutation (Streptopelia risoria).  I find it pretty and quite shy.







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