Call Me Cheap

Folks that follow this blog probably wonder what happened.  Where did the fences, birds and skies go?  How about all the closeups?  It is simple.  The free space is all gone on this site.  I am too cheap to pay for blogging.

Two other WordPress photo sites have been started to use for photos.  birdbrain2015 will cover more of the general photos for the photo memes.  Sights at 60 covers our travels around North America.  A third site on Google’s blogger, I Got Nothing, is for haiku and other writing.

Thanks for stopping by to see what’s happening.  Hope you will connect to the two new sites.


Janice A.

13 thoughts on “Call Me Cheap

  1. joanna says:

    finally found a place to comment on your posts. Have tried for ages. Hope you read this blog as it is so new.
    I don’t want to join google plus so cannot comment on your blogspot blog.
    Wish I could conjure up the smell of roses, when they are not even in leaf yet 🙂
    For your petradomine blogspot blog.
    Hope your trip is a success and that your knee behaves.


  2. I jsut delete photos now and then to keep it down from the Media library. WP bugs me that it adds other blogger`s photos but I don`t need most of hte photos in the library since I have my photos all saved on One Drive


  3. Are you posting your photos at full resolution or are you web sizing them first? Maybe that would help your space to hold out a little longer. I haven’t figured out how to delete photos from the media library here on WordPress yet, but if there is a way to delete photos and you’ve been using the full-sized ones, perhaps you could go into each post and trade the full-sized photos for web-sized ones.
    I think that I’m fine on media storage here and on Blogger, but I am running out of space on my computer’s hard drive and the external hard drive. I have probably over 50,000 photos in my collections, some of them over 20mb each, and that takes up a lot of room!
    I will check out your other blogs and follow them, too. Have a great weekend.


  4. Oh you have run out of space! Luckily we can start new blogs. I don’t like ads so I started to pay for one blog at wordpress and I also pay for my .se domain 🙂 No I will visit your haku blog 🙂
    All the best Birgitta


  5. Ah – I see I am not the only one who has felt the need for new blogs. Mine was more because I felt cramped trying to fit all my different ideas into one blog so I now have three as well. I’ll follow the link to your new blogs.


  6. I understand. I ate my space up several years ago and have been paying for space. I’m planning on deleting many past posts and photos because I’ve almost eaten up the amount of extra space I’ve paid for!


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