The Bird D’pot September 28, 2015

Hootin’ Anni has such a beautiful set of photos this week,  Mine will be a capture I made while in a car moving about 60 miles an hour.  I am still excited about the capture even if not perfect.


Noooo, that’s not it!.  That is another buzzard.  We saw so many we began to be afraid they were just waiting for one of us to kick the bucket.

Now this is the one!IMGP9512




Now do not forget to click the button below to visit:


4 thoughts on “The Bird D’pot September 28, 2015

  1. Oh my gosh….oh my gosh!!!
    I would be so thrilled to see this in the sky….no matter how fast the car was going!! All I can say is wow….and I bit of jealously is spreading over my entire being. Wow.

    Thanks for sharing the link this week at I’d Rather B Birdin’. Sorry I’ve been so long getting around to viewing your post. I’ve been busy with a craft/crochet project that is taking up all my time and keeping me from being online.


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