Skywatch Friday, August 28, 2015

Hi, all!  Been on the road for several weeks.  Finally back home.  Think I will share a photo from the trip!  This is a road north of McAlester, OK.  A road we have traveled to visit parents and family at each end of the 400 mile stretch.  A road my husband traveled before we knew each other.  My Texas and his Missouri roots have given us friends at each end, too.


Since my husband had a time frame to stick to, not a lot of stopping for photos.  Thinking of starting a blog titled as Sights at Sixty-five.  It will include bugs and blur.

Thanks to Skywatch Friday hosts

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5 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday, August 28, 2015

  1. Great road trip Skywatch photo. I am familiar with that road. We live in Tulsa and used to travel down there and back several times a year to see my in-laws.


    • My husband started traveling the road in 1960. I joined him in late ’66 but had traveled as far as McAlester most of my life with many close relatives in that area. I had totally missed that you were located in Tulsa. My nephew was assistant pastor in that area for a couple of years.


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