Saturday Critters – July 4, 2015

This moth has already been on a couple of other blog posts this week.  She is camping out in the marigolds just off our patio.  With no mouth parts for eating she will die within a week.  So let us celebrate her, an Antheraea polyphemus.






  Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

 Saturday's Critters

12 thoughts on “Saturday Critters – July 4, 2015

  1. Hello Janice, beautiful moth and lovely photos. I just love the last image. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy 4th of July weekend!


  2. ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© says:

    A Polyphemus! I put one up, too. Mine was just about done with moth life, your’s is just starting, very nice!


  3. gailatthefarm says:

    I uncovered the snake slowly to make sure it was a good snake. Thanks for stopping by.

    Your photos are great.


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