Good Day!!!

Been moving rather slowly since our return from an almost 2 week vacation to warmer climes.  Part of the time has been being an easy chair photo processing time.  Hope you will enjoy some of the photos from a visit to the dentist’s with my cousin.  No screaming or tooth extraction photos, just some photos of the flowers and plants in the parking lot and shade garden area.


As any person should do before a dental visit, we visited a Cuban bakery cafe for lunch.  Mmmmm, good food besides all the lovely pastries.

A sweet tooth's dream!

A sweet tooth’s dream!



This is the front of the dentist’s office!







Who would have ever thought a trip to the dentist could be so filled with beauty!!!  But it was time to leave and cousin came looking for us.


Please, visit the other bloggers for such wonderful close ups of life.

Thanks to Gemma & Magical Mystical Teacher
for hosting Macro Monday 2

Thanks to Laura for hosting i heart macro
Shine the Divine

19 thoughts on “Good Day!!!

  1. Beautiful blossoms Janice! I am watching snowflakes flutter to the earth like tiny white butterflies at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥


  2. You’re a hard person to find to drop by to pay you a visit! Your google plus blog, I can’t add a comment so…dropping by here.

    Love the warm climes myself. And yes, I know just what it’s like to come back and try to return to a ‘routine’ way of life!!

    So glad you stopped by my bird blog and said ‘howdy’!!

    Liked by 1 person

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