Good Fences # 50 and TBT

Ran across this photo as I was working on the scan project.  Thought it was a fun Texas fence from the early 1950’s.  This little riding area was next to Wallace Vaughn’s “filling station” north of McKinney, TX, on US 75, that’s Hwy. 5 these days.  I am riding barefoot in a dress ’cause that’s how it was done way back when I was a kid.  Granny lived across the highway from this place and these were my friends when I visited Granny.  It is, also, the store she sent me to buy her Garrett’s white label snuff.  Good times!

To see some wonderful fences make sure you click here to visit The Run “A” Round Ranch’s ‘Good Fences’ every Thursday.


Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,

9 thoughts on “Good Fences # 50 and TBT

  1. I love this photo. Brings back a lot of memories of another life. I live in Fort Worth and have been to y our area several times. Not lately, due to road construction.


    • Just barely! Where have the years gone and how did the 3 kids and their parents live in the back of the filling station. Totally different than what is considered minimal living by me these days….


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