Wild Bird Wednesday 138

Another hawk caught the attention of my lens.  This was along I 37 and we just pulled on the shoulder (illegal : / ).  Maybe that explains the blurred images along with a very skittish hawk.  So the question I bring today is what kind of hawk, a juvenile red tail or an adult female Northern Harrier?  Or maybe neither.  Please let me know if you have an opinion.


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock


©  Janice Adcock

Wishing all the birders lifers this week!  Visitors make sure you visit all the wonderful sites by visiting:

Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.

12 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 138

  1. At each photo I kept saying “wow” louder and louder. I don’t have an opinion of what kind of hawk this is but wow!! lovely shots…you can feel the wind and the movement, Janice! It must have been a sight to see that 3rd and 4th image in real life!!


  2. Great shots. Now ID of birds of prey is not my forti but I don’ think it is a kite or a Northern Harrier. a Harrier has a lPlain white rump and a kite has completely different underwing markings to that bird. You will have to go back to the drawing board on this one. sorry!


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