Saturday Critters – #61

There was so much to see at the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center.  This critter was a bit of a surprise!  For more great critters pop on over to Saturdays Critters.


Yes, a small alligator.


This Green Heron was sharing the waters with the alligator.


Green Heron

Are you looking at me?

Green Heron

Green Heron

And one last critter:


Red Eared Slider

Do not forget to visit all the Critters and

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

 Saturday's Critters

23 thoughts on “Saturday Critters – #61

  1. Cool shots of the gator.. And I love the Green Heron. I hope he was safe near that gator. Cute turtle.. Wonderful post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy Valentine’s Day weekend!


    • Thanks, Denise. The gator was small and seemed content to just lie still. It was a somewhat chilly morning to that may be the reason for the sluggish activity. The birding center was filled with great creatures.


  2. Ooh, alligators. Where I used to live there was a little creek by the park. We would sometimes see gators there. And when I was at Disney World back in November, one night the boat we were riding stopped for a few minutes. When that happened I heard some child behind me say she thought they stopped the boat because there was an alligator in the way and it had to cross safely in front of us. Lol!


  3. What wonderful critters for today’s post! Love the alligator, the heron and the turtle! Great photos!

    I’m surprised no one else told you this so you could go back and fix it. We all get flying fingers when we’re typing and typos do get through….but I thought you might like to know that you told us all to “poop” on over to Saturday’s Critters. 🙂


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