Wild Bird Wednesday 121

On Halloween morning our son stopped by to be helped with his costume that I had put together for him.


Including in WBW as I have a nice turkey waddle


Yes, that is a bloody neck.

Once he left for his day of ‘business’, I sat down for a cup of java.  Outside I noticed movement in the sky.  The hawk is back!


Not great focus but I loved the light on it!

 Better focus.IMGP3363141031 IMGP3364141031 IMGP3365141031 IMGP3366141031 IMGP3361141031 IMGP3362141031

Then, I am certain it was just for Halloween, a buzzard/turkey vulture joined in the fun.  This dude/dudette was huge.


Going camping for a few days.  Hope to get some new bird photos to share.  Best wishes for a great week everyone.  Make sure you stop by:

Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.


29 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 121

  1. Beautiful pictures! Once, I sledded with the kids. I took a comical fall off a slalom hill, and when I came to a rest on my back, I saw three vultures circling overhead.

    They thought they were going to have Mexican for dinner, apparently.


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