Good Fences #27

Good day to all the folks here at Good Fences.  These are a few more of the shots from our recent blue highways day trip.  Not sure what the history of the western style entrance is.  Maybe it is as simple as  it was easier to find the opening in fences.  TexWisGirl probably has the answer.  Irregardless, there certainly are a lot of variations along the route we took.

A fairly simple entrance marker.

IMGP2827140912A little bit more decorative


Then there is the identity statement gateway.


 And finally just fences!


Wishing everyone a great weekend.  Thanks for dropping by for a visit.  Now mosey on over to the Run A Round Ranch Report for more fab fences.

Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,


40 thoughts on “Good Fences #27

  1. i believe it originated from days of the huge cattle ranches. sometimes the ranch brands were displayed there, sometimes ranch or owner’s names, and sometimes it just made it easier to find the ranch entrance in all those acres of country! 🙂 thanks, janice!


  2. miyahde says:

    I am almost envious varieties of pretty fences you people have 🙂
    Wonderful pictures♫♫♫

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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