“CLOTHES” (Fancy, Plain, Worn, Colourful, Fashionable, Old,…) is this weeks challenge on Thursday Challenge.  Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week. You may either take a new photograph related in some way to the theme or select one that you have taken previously.

My submission includes antique photos I scanned a few years ago.  One is my Granny’s wedding photo, circa 1917.  The second is a visit of Granny with her brother and sisters in McAlister, OK, circa 1956.  The last photo is one of the first photos taken with a Kodak Brownie Starlight camera I received for Christmas, 1958.  Had a lot to learn about setting up a ‘proper’ photo.  But it shows clothing (and then) some of the 1950’s.  That is Granny with my younger sister and cousin.  Hope you enjoy the look back at clothing of the last century.


c7_Chandler family (25)


Thanks for taking time to drop by for a visit.  For super photos of clothes, new, old and in between stop on over at Thursday’s Challenge.

Thanks to host Dale of spunwithtears

55 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. Seeing old photos is really something. People looked so different back then, much more serious it seems. Love the old wedding dress and that last photo took me back because I have a similar photo of myself with my mom and a dress pretty much like that little girls dress.


    • I think part of the serious look was the length of time for exposing the photo plates. Holding the perfect smile for a minute could be challenging. The folks did look older in photos I thinK in part due to the hard life they led. I was maybe 12 when I took the photo of my sister and cousin. My cousin and I were laughing about the photo just this month.


  2. Janice, I’m back ]I can’t find anywhere to leave a comment on your Haiku posts] but…I had to find a way to let you know I LOVED the one you composed with St. Francis of Assisi.

    Also, wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my birding blog this morning. You made me smile.


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