Great Egret

Somehow I have had my days all mixed up last week with Labor Day.  I have long since retired so how could this possibly effect someone for whom everyday is a holiday?   Out of town visitors were part of the difference.  Also, a nephew coming for lunch on Friday and dinner on Monday put my mind in a whirl.  So here I am a week late with my real wild bird photos for the week!

Hope you enjoy.  And you can connect to more fab photos at:

 Wild Bird Wednesday  Thanks to host Stewart M.

These photos were taken along the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, TX.








This looks like a place to stop for a bit.



This is the original photo of the cropped version above to explain the blurry  photos.


 Tiring of this first sitting place after a while or maybe the sun was getting too warm the egret was off again.




That’s better for the egret but still blurry for me. : (


Down below near the water other water fowl were resting.  The group includes male and female Muscovy ducks, female mallard, peking duck and two clumps of feathers to fuzzy to identify.




I do apologize for the poor quality.  I must take my tripod next Jeep trip outing.

For excellent photos visit:

Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.


12 thoughts on “Great Egret

  1. I need to try out my tripod. It seems like it would be hard to capture a flying bird with it. I think you did a great job of getting in-flight photos. They travel pretty fast once airborne, and then, they’re gone!


  2. Beautiful shots! A number of years back we had a lot of those egrets nesting in some decaying trees in a swampy area. It was quite an attraction as the area they chose was close to a road. There were lots of birders stopping to watch them. The never came back after that year. Perhaps they chose a new place for more privacy?


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