San Gabrial Park


It has been a beautiful week even though the temperatures remain in the high 90’s and 100 degrees F.  A few scattered showers have been just a beginning of what is needed as lake levels continue to recede.  The following photos were taken in the San Gabriel water shed park in Georgetown, Texas.  This small city is home to Southwestern University, a private university dating back to 1840.

Thanks to Skywatch Friday hosts
The pecan and oak trees are easily 100′ tall.  Add in cypress and cottonwood reaching those same heights and you have a majestic little park.
 For our friend at Good Fences Thursday I give you these fences captured on the way back home.  If  you look closely in the center distance of the photo you see a rise with buildings sitting there.  That is the hill on which I live.


Thanks to host TexWisGirl, akaTheresa,

Now for some critter fun we are back at San Gabriel Park and then on the trip home.
Dog and master played Frisbee for quite a while.  Very well behaved animal.
It is Texas, there will be cattle.  Notice the suburbs in the background.

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters


Thanks to all you folks who stop by for a look see.  Have a peaceful weekend!


24 thoughts on “San Gabrial Park

  1. That looks like a lovely park. I guess I think of Texas as wide-open spaces, not with suburbs encroaching. It’s been a bit warm here this week, but we should be back to the 80s next week.


    • There are wide open spaces in lots of areas. But get near a city such as Dallas, Ft. Worth, Huston, San Antonio and Austin you will see the typical sprawl. Many of the farms 30, 40 and 50 miles north of Dallas are now subdivisions.


  2. Fellow Texan here, so ditto on the lack of rain and hot temps. We FINALLY received a rainshower yesterday, so that was nice and very much needed. (Of course, we put out ‘Nolo’ for the grasshoppers so of course it finally rained after that. I should have just washed the car).

    And cattle? Um, yeah. They’re everywhere in our state. I LOVE the cows, but wish I saw more horses around too. I usually have to go to Round Top to see more of the horses.


    • Kristin, it is dry but I do not think it is as hot as in 2012 when we were here in late June. It was hitting 105 when we were on Lake Conroe dragging grandsons on tubes. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


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