Sky and Critters

This meme thing is addictive.   Between haiku, birds, skies, fences, spin challenges, photo challenges and critters I must begin combining or I will never do anything else. Hubby is giving those I need a Jeep trip vibes pretty heavy these days.  In an effort to keep my marriage on an even keel I will combine Skywatch Friday and Saturday Critters.

The skies have gone from overcast to light showers to clear and back to partly cloudy today.  This is good as the temps have stayed in the high 80’s instead of triple digits.


Thanks to Skywatch Friday hosts
 I had been noticing movement on the patio that made me suspicious.  I saw this clump of fur among the trumpet vines.


 Then I definitely saw what I did not want on my patio.  Where is that hawk when I need it!


It climbed onto the bird feeder pole and attempted to get to the food.  I am certain it could have gotten some of it but gave up for some reason.  But now the thing is just taunting me.


 I do not want this to keep coming around this area.  Any suggestions?

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters


36 thoughts on “Sky and Critters

  1. Hari OM
    I agree that memes can become as much a trap as tasty as they are. We know we risk losing our lives to them and yet… which makes rats of us does it not?

    Heheh cheeky YAM! seriously though, I keep a tight rein on myself as running four blogs is enough time spent as it is; then there is the reading of all my faves and the waving ‘hello’ once a week or so to others I enjoy…. then remembering that reading, research and eating all have to be done also!!!

    My brother had a similar, tho’ smaller, visitor to his bird seed and I know he changed how the bird feeder was hung… I think it involved hammers and drills and an extension from the shed wall. YAM xx


  2. We had rats and had Vector Control come out. He said stop putting out peanuts (for the Blue Jays), and stop putting out grain for the other birds, and he gave me some traps. No more rats.


  3. Oh no, I would use a trap.. Too bad the hawk or an owl is not around.. They would take care of your problem.. Thank for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!


  4. I unfortunately have a neighbor cat come into my yard whenever he feels like it, and I worry about the birds. But one day I found a rat head in the back yard and wondered if the cat was doing the kind of job I would like for him to! It could have been a hawk though. We get those also. I know what you mean about keeping up with the memes…can be a lot! 🙂


  5. I like the silhouette of the dove, very sweet. As for rats, it definitely helps to take away food sources, my son trapped a lot of them. They tended to compost a lot of food scraps. We don’t put anything edible in the compost, plus we have a cat that is a good hunter and also eats what she catches.


    • I think the reason we never had an issue with the mice and rats at our former home were neighborhood feral cats. We had a compost pile and all sorts of birdseed around. But never rats climbing poles to get to the birdseed. really weird for us.


  6. Oh my —I would not be happy seeing a rat climbing up my bird feeder! My only suggestion is to take all the bird feeders down and eliminate that source of food for awhile and maybe it will go somewhere else? Otherwise you may have to put out traps or poison or call an exterminator?


    • I am not pleased at all. I chased it day before yesterday and have not seen it since. Will see how long that lasts. I have been wondering how ugly someone has to be to scare rats away, ha!


  7. It looks just like a little field mouse to me. But then a rodent is a rodent is a rodent. I’ve got voles and chipmunks. I would like to think that the garden snake is keeping full…

    But other than that??? Good luck.

    I used to think it wasn’t cool to combine prompts. But I had since changed my mind. It is a relief really to do a two-fer sometimes even three together. 🙂


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