Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday has so many folks the are true birders.  Make sure you grab the connection below to see all the wonderful birds.

My submission is an update on our friend, Skip.  Skip showed up and has sort of made our patio its property.  Skip is doing much better with the left foot.  The black spot is gone and only a slight limp remains.  It was looking good then it showed up yesterday looking like this.


Sometimes a handsome bird just cannot catch a break!

Thanks for your visit and comments.
Wild Bird Wednesday

Thanks to host Stewart M.

13 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday

  1. Glad you keep seeing Skip. I was so happy when I saw the dove with the injured foot in our yard two years in a row…guess I should have given him a name! 🙂 Yes, Wild Bird Wednesday and Bird D’Pot are the real birder memes…I wonder sometimes why they put up with me! 🙂 I don’t get out much to do real birding because my husband and I both have health issues, so I’m always so thrilled when I get some great (at least good) bird shots I can share! Nobody on the two memes seem to mind when I post ducks I don’t know the names of that aren’t very good close-ups. I try not to do it too often! 🙂 I’m just excited by any sightings I get and birders are just great people!


    • I surely understand the not getting out much. Until the weather cools down several degrees, we are choosing to not venture out too much. Agree, the true birders are awfully nice to us novice.


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