“I Really Want it Right Now” (A Great Big World)

Longwood, aka Nutt’s Folley, was started in 1859.  Dr. Haller Nutt, a cotton baron,  wanted something so badly, a home unlike others.  With the declaration of Civil War in 1861, worked ceased immediately.   Craftsman from the north simply put down tools and walked away.  In 1864 Dr. Nutt died leaving the unfinished house to his widow.  The basement had nine completed rooms so that is where the remaining family members lived out their days.

I really want it
I really want it
I really want it right now
I really want it right now


“So tell me what are we livin’ for
I say we chuck inhibitions
And sell our souls to rock n’ roll
I need to know what I’m missin'”


“I’m feeling the world go round
It’s spinning me upside down
I’m finally homeward bound”


“I’m not giving up
It’s crawling under my skin
And I don’t care if I sin”


The more we love, the more we learn
The more we love, the more we burn

After having seen a history channel story about Longwood I wanted to see it.  In 2013 on a return trip from meeting our grandsons at Disney World, we spent the night in Natchez, MS.  As luck would have it the Pilgrimage Home Tour was being held.  Good for seeing beautiful homes, bad for finding a hotel room.  Guess the more we love, the more we learn.  Nah-oooh!

Joining in Songography where images inspired by music come to play together.

Thanks to Kathy over at You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out for hosting.

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4 thoughts on “Longwood

  1. Oh my goodness….the DETAILS in the architecture are truly mesmerizing and a photographer’s delight for sure! I’m so glad you joined in at Song-ography and took me on this trip with you!


    • Ida, the home and the grounds were amazing. We took the tour and were able to go up to the unfinished floors. The home had several one of a kind features that were included. A series of mirrors allowed natural light to illuminate several floors of house.


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