Saturday Critters

Saturday Critters is a fun place to visit to see critters from all over the world.  These are a couple of critters and one of their humans we recently saw while walking.


 Almost did not see this creature.


 Lots of dogs walk humans in these apartments.

 Thanks to Saturday’s Critters host Eileen.

Saturday's Critters


Thanks for stopping by for visits.  Your comments are always appreciated.


26 thoughts on “Saturday Critters

  1. Sorry for my late visit Janice, have been really busy lately. The green striped lizard is a beauty, not one I know, but I do know that dogs try to fool us into thinking we are in charge, but in most cases they are the boss, or the princess in our homes!:=)


    • No need to apologize for when you stop by. I have been not getting around quickly these days either. Yes, our animals can be a real driving factor in our lives. We chose not to have pets after our Cookie became ill and died in 2006. We were visiting my Mom in another state and had the dog with us. Took her to a vet and she had to be put down due to a massive blood infection. There are times I long for the companionship of an animal. Now you enjoy your princess and have a wonderful week.


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