Fences and Big Sky

Fences serve so many good purposes.  Protecting children from harm, keeping animals in safe areas away from humans, etc.  Such a simple concept is the fence.  I must admit that my attention deficit brain does occasionally think of the sport of fencing when I begin searching for pictures for submission to TexWisGal’s Thursday meme.  Something like Captain Picard fencing with Gynan on Star Trek.  But I digress.

Today’s submission for Thursday Good Fences and Skywatch Friday is from Yellowstone park.  This is a standing petrified redwood tree.  The fence is protecting this treasure from us curious humans.  We do have a piece of petrified wood that was dug up in the northwest US by my husband’s grandfather in the late 1800’s.  It is quite the travelling log!  Northwest USA to Kansas to Missouri and now in Texas.  Glad the fence protects the national treasure in Yellowstone National Park.

 Petrified Tree, 2008, Yellowstone National Park.


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13 thoughts on “Fences and Big Sky

    • Thanks, Felica. We spent 5 days in the park, camping in the Indian Springs area. We still missed a lot of the park, especially back trails. But we were fortunate to see this one unizue tree.


  1. Very cool to see that petrified tree! We have been to YNP twice but we have obviously missed the location of this tree. (Both times we’ve been there, certain areas have been closed off due to wildfires.)



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