Monday Musings

Silence fills the room as we await a call to join our son and grandsons for a belated birthday celebration for Middle Grandson.  Ten years old.  As I wait I catch up on some blogs and look at the new postings on I Heart Macro 65.  Laura’s poetry/prayer for peace is so relevant for this time.  And there are beautiful photos to enjoy by many other folks who have linked with the macro photography meme.  Magical Mystical Teacher of Macro Monday 2 has a series of thought provoking haiku.


Bug feeding on a sunflower stalk has little effect on the problem of the world.


Bubbling water in a fountain brings a feeling of peace for those that listen.


A rock reaches back to Creation’s beginning.  Touch it and you have touched the hand of God.

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Shine the Divine

31 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    • Well, you have just glimpsed how my mind works. Put the pictures in order of magnification, noted what each was then read another blog post about the crying mothers in Gaza. That inspired me to came back and add more to each picture’s description. Pleased you enjoyed the results. I’ve changed the fountain to add a rock for the water to flow over now a new picture is required.
      Thanks for the visit and kind comments.


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