The gift of a new camera has given rise to a little more time on the patio.  This is a learning process for me!  These are a few shots that clicked out this morning as I was just practicing.  Hope you enjoy!

For more wild birds as shot in all their glory by accomplished photographers, fly on over to Wild Bird Wednesday.  Stewart is the host for this photo meme based on birds and birders.  And thanks for stopping by my place for a look see!



10 thoughts on “Hummer!

  1. great that you got a new camera and it takes a bit of practice to know all about it. Keep snapping. The Hummers are particularly difficult to shots due to the speed of their wings. Some good shots her.


  2. Firstly I would like give my belated congratulations to you for your wedding anniversary, which I missed seeing on my last visit. The Hummers are difficult birds to photograph, but you did a great job seeing as it’s a new camera. Lovely colourful shots!


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