Up Close and Personal

Mondays bring life up close with Macro Monday 2 and I Heart Macro.  My submissions for this Monday are personal for my life.  Today marks 47 years of marriage for us.



The invitation.


Those are the gloves I wore.  The wreath contains gardenias similar to the ones in my bouquet.

ImageMatchbook from the hotel where we honeymooned.

 Please, visit Laura’s I Heart Macro and Magical Mystical Teacher at Macro Monday 2.


I Heart Macro

Shine the Divine

24 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

  1. Congratulations, you did well keeping memories. We’ve got 8 months to go until our 47th wedding anniversary. I don’t have so many mementos, just photographs.


    • Thanks! My husband planned a little picnic overlooking the Austin skyline last night. Complete with wine and one last gift, a t shirt that said, “47 years and he still jiggles my bolts”.


    • Thank you. It was quite a nice day ending with an alfresco meal at one of the overlooks of Austin. We watched the setting sun and the lights come on in the downtown area. Gene had been planning for weeks.


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