Thursday Challenge for fun and learning is hosted by Dale at  Dale gives a subject parameter each week.  This week’s subject for the photo challenge is “BROKEN” (Something cracked, damaged, broken, or not working…)  Please, visit or join the fun and learning on this wonderful photo meme blog.

The following photos are of my husband’s family homestead in Miller, Missouri, USA.  His great grandfather had built the barn.   You can read more about this here.

ImageKonica Minolta DiMage Z6;  f/5; 1/125; ISO 50.  Photoshop adjusted to B&W.

Image Konica Minolta, DiMage Z6, f/4: 1/250: ISO-64


10 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Hari OM
    These are excellent!! The top one workshopped into B&W was absolutely the right thing to do – retaining colour for the second was brilliance. Hope your week is going well Janice – sorry I don’t comment often… just a bit too many to get round! YAM xx


  2. My photo for the theme “Broken” I have not the jug specifically designed for dropping. I only came back when I read the theme “Broken” the next day. The shards were already in the container, so I fished the handle specifically for the theme from the container, put the shard on the container and took the picture


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